Tareto Maa bracelets and change purses

We are selling the bracelets for $4 and the change purses for $5. The girls made approximately 15 change purses and 70 Maasai bracelets. I will be selling these as long as supplies last on a first come, first serve basis to U.S. residents only. So that I won’t make a ton of trips to the post office, I am accepting orders of 3 items or more (Example: 1 change purse and 2 bracelets; 3 bracelets; etc.). In order to take care of the charge of shipment, please include a $5 shipping and handling fee. If the postage fee ends up being less than $5, I will donate the excess to Tareto Maa. Before leaving the Tareto Maa Center, I made an advanced payment for all change purses and Maasai bracelets.

Please understand that with the Maasai bracelets there is no clasp on them and you need to slide them over your hand. Therefore, size does matter. Please specify whether you would like a small, medium or large bracelet (see below). Again, this will go for as long as supplies last.

To place an order, please do the following:

  1. Email me at usa@tareto-maa.org and specify:
    1. How many change purses you would like
    2. How many Maasai bracelets you would like
      1. What sizes: small (circumference of approx. 7 inches), medium (approx.8 inches), or large (approx. 8.5 inches)
    3. Your shipping address
  2. Wait for a confirmation email (since there is a limited supply)
  3. Make a paypal account to jacquelynadams2002@yahoo.com
  4. Wait for a confirmation email of shipment

Thank you for considering supporting the girls in this empowerment project. Half the profits of this empowerment project will go towards supporting the work of Tareto Maa. The girls get to decide for themselves what they do with the other half. The girls have voted to spend the money from their first batch of bracelets to purchase running shoes.

Jackie Adams


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