The days of Tareto Maa

In August we had some visitors and some events at Tareto Maa and this was a cause to celebrate. Firstly, Gladys and Markus our directors came to the centre with some visitors. Lawrence and Astrid from BNI Germany and along with Caroline ( from America) came to make a film about Tareto Maa. This is a very exciting development and the film will be ready to be shown by Christmas.taretomaa-2016_gg-report-3

We also had a party to celebrate the girls’ school successes and a farewell party for those transferring to high school and those who had completed college. The party was colourful and very successful, and we were entertained by the girls and the community at large with photos and videos taken by our guests. It was a great day for everybody and the girls and staff really appreciated the party that was prepared by our visitors.There were also presents for the girls that were brought with them. We wish to thank them very much for all these things.

On the same day, we had a fundraising event to help start raising funds for the building of a new girl’s dormitory which is full to capacity.

The school opened for the start of the new term on the 29th August and the teachers and pupils were very excited and full of joy in receiving presents from our visitors; of books, crayons, balls and other playing equipment. Our guests had to leave the next day (30h August) and this caused mixed emotions. The children were so happy with the occasion,the gifts that had been bought,of their school opening again but sad to see the visitors, who had been made most welcome, return to their homes.

There is one challenge which is affecting the school and that is access to clean water because of a drought which has lasted two months. This has had a terrible effect on the vegetables grown, including maize and beans which are available some miles away but there the prices are higher. Finally, we thanked God for some rain which helped to minimize the dust. We need your support to help keep feeding our girls within this present time, as the climate poses continued challenges with growing crops and access to fresh vegetables and food.

We thank all our supporters in advance for  your continued help and donations for everyone both girls and care staff at Tareto Maa.

Tareto Maa girls competing


On Tuesday of this week, two girls (Magdaline Neshiro and Rael Silanto) represented not only their school, the Naitawang River Side Academy but the whole Transmara West Sub County at County level, in the town of Narok.

They competed in the 800m race and shot put field event. Everyone, including their teachers, local community and school friends have high hopes they will go on to compete at a national level.

Prayers for support and for them to have encouragement will be very much appreciated. We will let you know how the girls fared in this race and any other competitions. Good luck to their continued success. We are very proud of you.



Change through education


Real change happens when we invest in girls education. Every year hundreds of girls in maasai community are denied education at times when it has the power to transform their lives and the world around them.
If a girls are able to make it through primary, secondary and university, it can help them to break the cycle poverty and it can help put stop to early marriages and female genital mutilation in our community.
We at Tareto Maa are forefront to fight against this out date culture.


One of our goal is to give girls education

This is Lydia Potishoi who  proudly received her credit certificate of primary school teaching at Shanzu Teacher Training College. She was one of the girls sponsored through the Tareto Maa organisation. This is a very fine achievement for Lydia and Tareto Maa for making this possible. We are so proud and happy for her. Congratulations Lydia and thanks to everyone who support our girls to help them achieve their dreams, just like Lydia.


Education is the key for independence

March 2016 was a very successful month for us. Gladys held presentations in Eberschwang (Upper Austria), in Stuttgart (Germany) and in Ried im Innkreis (Upper Austria). People showed lots of interest and wanted to learn more about Tareto Maa. We now know from our own experience that when we go directly to the people we gain their attention and interest. The director of a High School in Ried im Innkreis (HAK Ried i.I.) said that more presentations should be arranged for. It always is a unique chance for pupils as well as for teachers to learn more about the Maasai culture.
We dream of going to more schools and universities as well as other public places in order to draw people’s attention to the mission of Tareto Maa. This month we received donations of around € 1000 only through the presentations that were held. A big thank you to our generous supporters!
We make this effort for the kids. They often have no rights and if we do not get active the have to suffer.
Tareto Maa – Help for the Maasai. Only your support enables us to offer the children our help in the future also!DSCF6527 DSCF6537 DSCF6547

Gladys presents her Story of how she founded Tareto Maa

We had a very good time in the parish hall in Eberschwang (Austria). There were around 100 to 150 people attending the presentation. They showed a lot of interest in our project and asked many questions about my personal story. It was amazing! Many guests wanted to know when the next presentation would take place.
Also, we would like to say thank you for the donations and for showing up. Thanks also to those who could not come but support us with donations too.
We still need your help so that we can continue this project for the protection of the children and therefore make a difference in this world.
THANK YOU and looking forward to SEE YOU AGAIN SOON!Presentation Eberschwang Presentation Eberschwang Presentation Eberschwang

Restructuring the team and its work

In future, the founder of Tareto Maa, Gladys Kiranto, and her team in Kenya will be more self-reliant in the organization’s project management. Together with supporters in Austria, they will be in charge from now on for the project’s communication, accounting and development. Accordingly, the German group will hand over its projects to Gladys and the Kenyan team and is no longer responsible for Tareto Maa’s communication. For the sponsorship program the transition will start in the second half of 2016. We want to handle this transition period together and in the most responsible way: for the organization’s future prospects and for the wellbeing of the children!


126 Gumboots

Due to the heavy rain and flooding at the Tareto Maa Refuge we decided that the girls needed proper boots to protect their feet from the wetness. In our view, this was more urgent than buying sweaters or jackets. So 126 gumboots were bought. The children were very happy to receive them and are very thankful to the supporters who helped to purchase the boots.


FGM in Transmara: Police arrested offenders – Four more children came to Tareto Maa

Because of a successful community campaign and improved networking, headed by Gladys Kiranto in August, the local police have worked hard to help reduce the numbers of girls being cut. 18 offenders were now arrested over FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and charged in court.

Meanwhile, four more children have arrived at Tareto Maa and have been given temporary accommodation, until their stories and the reasons for the need of shelter are established. However, we do know that they have not come as a result of imminent threat of FGM. This demonstrates that the campaign work that Tareto Maa has done is sending a strong message that cutting is wrong and progress in its elimination is being made.

We thank you for your continued support and on behalf of the girls and the team we wish you a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Kenya Nov 2015_Clipping newspaper


Heavy rains and flooding – Please help us to buy warm clothes for the girls

Usually the Transmara region welcomes rain for the harvest, after recent times of drought and famine. But due to El Niño, too much rain has resulted in flooding now. The girls are suffering because of the wet and while most are healthy, some are sick and all are in need of warm clothes.
The girls’ smiles are for all to see in the photos (in spite of this adversity) and their spirit is strong but they need our help. Please support our girls for Christmas so we can buy warm clothes for them and they can remain healthy for the New Year: