The project’s progress

There is some news from the Tareto Maa Rescue Center. Most of it is good news.

The construction of the new permanent dormitory is making progress. Members of the local community donated 70 bags of cement, 66 iron sheets, 5,000 bricks, and lots of timber. This is a huge help to complete the building which will give the girls a better (and much dryer) place to stay.

The second solar module has been installed now, and we use it to operate a radio. The girls are very happy that they can listen to the news now, and they feel more connected with other people in Kenya, Africa, and other parts of the world.

We built a pipe between the river and the rescue center. With the help of a mobile generator, we can pump up water that can be used for washing and gardening. Unfortunately there is no good news as regards our water well (which we want to use for drinking water). As the last rainy season has been very strong, deep underground it is still too wet to complete the digging and construction. Therefore we have to wait. This is a big problem because the next rainy season is supposed to start next month.

The first two-and-a-half months of the Naitawang Riverside Academy have been very successful. The school which is seated within the Tareto Maa area has employed two watchmen. This means that the safety of the girls in the rescue center is further improved. During the nights there are now the two watchmen of the school, one watchman of Tareto Maa, and the women who take care of the girls at the center. These adults make sure that no one will bother the girls.

At the beginning of March, the education office of the Kenyan government made a first inspection of our new school. We are waiting for the government’s approval. As soon as we have received this approval, we will apply for government funds to expand the school.

The new dormitory nearly ready!

The new dormitory April 2011

The new dormitory of the Tareto Maa Rescue Center is nearly completed. Only the windows, the doors, and the plaster are still missing. The team hopes that the girls can move in soon. The old (temporary) building will then be used as dining-hall and storage room.