Education is the key for independence

March 2016 was a very successful month for us. Gladys held presentations in Eberschwang (Upper Austria), in Stuttgart (Germany) and in Ried im Innkreis (Upper Austria). People showed lots of interest and wanted to learn more about Tareto Maa. We now know from our own experience that when we go directly to the people we gain their attention and interest. The director of a High School in Ried im Innkreis (HAK Ried i.I.) said that more presentations should be arranged for. It always is a unique chance for pupils as well as for teachers to learn more about the Maasai culture.
We dream of going to more schools and universities as well as other public places in order to draw people’s attention to the mission of Tareto Maa. This month we received donations of around € 1000 only through the presentations that were held. A big thank you to our generous supporters!
We make this effort for the kids. They often have no rights and if we do not get active the have to suffer.
Tareto Maa – Help for the Maasai. Only your support enables us to offer the children our help in the future also!DSCF6527 DSCF6537 DSCF6547

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