Tareto Maa Gift Cards

Instead of a vase that no one needs, or a scarf that no one wears, you can give joy to the children of
Tareto Maa. You can do this in a very simple way: by giving food, clothes or school supplies to the
children in honour and on behalf of a friend, family member, colleague or business partner.

You receive a gift card which includes a personal message from you to the recipient and
which you can give to him or her as a symbolic present.

These are the gifts that bring great joy to the children – in honour of someone you know:

  • A warm pullover (for 10 US-$ / 8 euro)
  • Two mosquito nets (12 US-$ / 10 euro)
  • A big fruit basket (25 US-$ / 20 euro)
  • Five schoolbooks (50 US-$ / 40 euro)
  • Fifteen pairs of shoes (95 US-$ / 75 euro)
  • 180 kg of maize (125 US-$ / 100 euro)
  • School attendance for a whole year (400 US-$ / 300 euro)


This is what a personalized Tareto Maa Gift Card looks like

For example, gift card for a fruit basket, incl. space for a personal message











Bring joy to the children in Kenya. There are only three steps.

1) Choose a gift from the list above.

2) Transfer the appropriate amount to Tareto Maa. You can do this

a. via Betterplace: www.betterplace.org/en/organisations/tareto-maa (in euro)
b. via GlobalGiving: www.globalgiving.org/projects/protect-70-girls-from-genital-mutilation-
in-kenya/ (in US-$)
c. via bank transfer to: Tareto Maa Deutschland, Berliner Volksbank,
BIC SWIFT: BEVODEBB, IBAN: DE05100900002292163005
d. and via Paypal or credit card directly on this webpage, by clicking on „Donations via
Paypal” in the right navigation of this site.

3) Then please send an e-mail to contact@tareto-maa.org and

a. Inform us which amount you transferred and where
b. Provide us with a personal message for the recipient (e.g. your Christmas or birthday greetings). We will put this message into the respective field of the gift card. This personal message should not contain more than 380 characters (incl. spaces)
c. Tell us whether you want us to send the gift card to you or directly to the recipient. And also let us know whether we should send it via e-mail or by letter.

Each gift that you give in honour and on behalf of someone you know, means a huge help to the
children in the Tareto Maa Center.


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