New Board Members – Tareto Maa Germany


Dear Donors and Sponsors,

In August 2016, I visited the Tareto-Maa Refuge for Girls for the first time. 129 children swept me off my feet and we are all so grateful to you for supporting Tareto Maa and giving these young people a real chance for the future. Thank you so much.

The team who have been running Tareto-Maa Germany has done exceptional work in the last 7 years, which has enabled Tareto-Maa to grow quickly and successfully. More and more girl children have come to this place of safety. This success has provided a challenge for everyone. Organisation, fundraising, communication and many hours in front of the computer have been required, to ensure the continuation of the project. On behalf of all the children and staff on the ground in Kenya, the new committee would like to thank the outgoing committee members most profoundly for their dedication and commitment.

We would also like to thank all the donors and sponsors. Without you, the girls would not be where they are now. You have helped create something extraordinary. We cannot imagine how much this means for every single girl. When I interviewed one of the school graduates last summer, we both started to cry, so touched were we by gratitude for your support.

Let there be many girls to follow and we hope that the role of Maasai women in Kenya will continue to grow. We will do everything in our power to help that become a reality. We would like to express our gratitude for the expression of trust shown us during the handover by the new committee. We are delighted that the outgoing members have extended us their support in the future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should any questions arise.

With kind regards,

Astrid Hauke (Chair) and committee members, Lawrence Richards (Vice-Chair), Suli Puschban (Treasurer), Erica Böhr (Auditor), Andrea Rachinger (Auditor)


1. Chair, 2017 -, Tareto Maa Deutschland e.V.

Astrid Hauke
ph +49 (0)521 528 14 48


Astrid Hauke is a singer-songwriter, actor and clown. She is well-known as the character Liselotte Quetschkommode. With a lifelong passion for travelling the world and the attendant cultural exchange process that occurs through the medium of music-making, she currently lives and works in Germany. As a qualified educator, a medical doctor’s assistant and Humour Consultant, she is professionally and personally committed to both physical and spiritual health. As a mother of a teenaged daughter, Astrid is inspired by the work that Tareto-Maa does in furthering the protection and education of Masai girls in Kenya.


Vice-Chair, Lawrence Richards

Lawrence Richards, born 1981 in South Africa, grew up in England and Germany. His passion for film inspired him to pursue studies in English Literature, Film and Theatre and he decided to become a filmmaker. In 2007, he won an audience award with his short film „The Last Chance“. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production in England and then completed several internships, amongst others in Los Angeles. In 2009, he founded his own production company and works as an independent filmmaker.


Treasurer, Suli Puschban

Suli Puschban is a singer-songwriter, composing and performing music for children and adults. She is also a cabaret artist and author. She moved from Vienna to Berlin many years ago. As a feminist singer-songwriter, she is politically engaged and committed to showcasing music that is relevant to our multicultural world. She is on the forefront of the fight for equal rights by addressing these themes in children’s music in Germany and Austria. Suli celebrates diversity and difference in our society today. Suli was a co-founder of a women and children’s charity, Campelse e.V, in Brandenburg, which provides a holiday safe haven for women and children.


Auditor, Fundraising, Social Media, Erica Böhr

Erica Böhr holds two degrees in Literature and Fine Art from universities in Durban, South Africa and Cambridge, United Kingdom. She has always been politically engaged and worked in both professional and personal capacity in the fight against Apartheid. She has worked as a high school and tertiary education teacher and lecturer in both South Africa and the United Kingdom. Her artistic practice reflects her feminist activism, in which she questions patriarchal attitudes and behaviours, which continue to oppress women and children globally. She currently lives and works in Berlin. As the mother of a daughter, Erica appreciates the significance and urgency of the work carried out by Tareto-Maa, in providing a refuge and education for Masai girls.


Auditor, Fundraising, Social Media, Dr. Andrea Rachinger

Dr. Andrea Rachinger is a researcher and consultant in the field of infectious diseases. She lives in Berlin after returning home from many years living and working abroad in South-East-Asia, Eastern Europe and the USA. She is excited by the opportunity to join Tareto-Maa as an auditor, to support the charity’s fight for the right of girls in Kenya.

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