Sponsor a girl

Help a girl to attend school

Sponsorships enable the girls to attend school

A sponsorship is a very personal and direct way to support one of the girls who were cast out from home, and who live in the Tareto Maa Rescue Center now.

With a monthly fee of 35 US dollars, respectively 25 Euro or 21 British Pounds, a donor enables a girl to attend school. Around fifty girls in the rescue center have found an individual sponsor now. But many more girls in the center are waiting to find someone to support them.

The sponsor receives the name, a photograph, and at least once a year, a personal letter from the child involved. The sponsorship fees can be paid via bank transfer or via our donation platform Betterplace.org, either monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually as you prefer.

Children at Tareto Maa Rescue Center

Taking on a sponsorship does not involve any contractual obligation. The sponsorship can be ended at any time.

You will find more detailed information in our Q&A document.

If you want to sponsor a child, please send an email with your name and address to:
contact@tareto-maa.org, or fill out the last page of the Q&A document.